THM42 G2
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    THM42 G2

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    The THM42 G2 Module contains 8 channels for use with any thermocouple type as well as Pt100 sensors. Remote cold junction compensation is provided through a SubModule (which is thermocouple type specific) whilst linearization is provided in the SC42 G2. The Module also includes a calibrated 0.2 mA current source for Pt100 sensor excitation. SubModules are available which contain a pair of commonly used miniature E, J, K, T and U thermocouple connectors (other types available upon request) with cold junction circuitry for thermocouple applications. Another SubModule contains a pair of Lemo connectors for Pt100 applications. Any combination of applicable SubModules can be connected to the THM42 G2 Module. The THM42 G2 Module now also includes 8 channels for measuring voltage inputs up to ±10 V.

    • When measuring E, J, K, T and U thermocouples
    • When measuring Pt100 sensors in constant current mode
    • With any voltage source up to ±10 V in voltage input mode



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