SC42/S G2
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    The SC42 G2 board provides the isolated power, signal processing and mechanical infrastructure for up to 4 signal conditioning Modules. It is a highly advanced board using 5 powerful 24-bit DSPs to process large volumes of data transferred between each Module and the VMEbus. It also provides isolated power for each Module, sample timing infrastructure as well as internal communication interfaces used to set parameters for each channel. The flexibility of easy interchangeability of Modules within the same Mainframe or between Mainframes is provided by the SC42 G2 board. This allows users to include additional Modules to satisfy their measurement and control requirements. Modules are plugged in through the front panel of the SC42 G2 and can be inserted and removed without removing the SC42 G2 board itself.

    The SC42S G2 board builds on the SC42 G2 board and is suitable for all PAK MKII Mainframes and G2 series Modules but especially for the S line Modules with faster data rates. It is specially designed for high-speed multi-channel measurements.


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