ICT42 G2
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    ICT42 G2

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    The ICT42 G2 Module is a hybrid Module which combines 2 channels from the ICP42 G2 Module with 2 tacho input channels. The tacho channels provide tacho period measurements with a 20 ns resolution, sampled where the signal  intersects its trigger level settings. Triggering of tacho signals can be set for rising or falling edges with adjustable hysteresis whilst additionally providing AC coupling for sensors with varying DC voltage offsets. A 204.8 kSa/s scope mode is provided to view the tacho signals in order to assist with the definition of trigger levels.

    • When measuring the pulse rate and time between pulses such as rpm and crank angle
    • With any ICP® based sensor commonly used to measure vibration, acceleration, force or pressure
    • With any voltage source up to ±10 V in voltage input mode


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